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General questions

If you are uncertain about anything, give us a call. Having a brief phone call before your first appointment can help smooth things out.
The First Appointment will be approved before it is confirmed. You will get a follow up email or text confirming your appointment.
At the top of very page is an appointment link. From that link you can make, change or cancel any appointment made with that calendar.
Emails and Text are an excellent way to communicate with Dan out side of the session. His response time depends on his schedule. He is a professional and asks that you honor his personal time and time with other clients.

Distance Coaching Calls

Because First Distance Coaching Calls are not in person, they can happen at almost any time. You can use the appointment Schedule at the time of the page for the call which is a 30 min free call.
All calls are done on Dan's personal cell phone. He will call you at the appointed time. He generally text you in advance of the phone calll
Time is very important. Any call that goes over the time is subject to a pro rate. However, this very seldom happens as calls with Dan are very timely and end within the time allowed.
Zoom is a free program that works on all smart phones and any ios or windows platform. The link to your session will be sent right before the session. These link are unique and secure. Please to not share them

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